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Virginia Election Results 2018: Live Midterm Map by County & Analysis

Reeves will succeed fellow Republican Phil Bryant. Democrat Ralph Northam has held his seat on the governor's office since 2017 when he defeated Republican Ed Gillespie. You can discover election outcomes for Kentucky right here, and Mississippi here. So what's subsequent? There is no computerized recount of a governor’s race in Kentucky.
Unlike the state House, Virginia's forty state Senate seats were not on the pollin 2017. The final elections for the Senate have been in 2015. This was a district where the incumbent gained less than fifty five % of the vote in the newest election. Incumbent George Barker (D) won re-election in 2014, receiving 54 % of the vote and defeating his Republican opponent by eight factors.
Gov. Ralph Northam was a Democrat while Republicans held majorities in each chambers of the state legislature. Virginia was holding elections for all 40 state Senate seats and all one hundred state House seats. Because the governorship was not up for election, Republicans could not win a trifecta in 2019. In order to stop Democrats from gaining a trifecta, Republicans wanted to maintain their majority in no less than one chamber of the legislature.
Gov. How long does it take to get to Connecticut from Virginia (D) gained this district within the 2017 gubernatorial election. Districts 10 and thirteen have been held by Republicans heading into the election however have been received by Democratic candidates. Ghazala Hashmi (D) defeated Sen. Glen Sturtevant (R) fifty four-forty six within the District 10 race, whereas Del.

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